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Originally Posted by cc0509 View Post
Pro sports at the highest elite level? If not, that is an entirely different thing.
Originally Posted by cc0509 View Post
They don't. End of story. Don't listen to any of these ignorant people who try to tell you otherwise. You have the right idea and are smarter than most on here regarding this topic.

Absolutely it is. To think that Vernonbc compares his experiences at a very low level, and not at the highest level with millions upon millions of dollars at stake, just proves how far the denial has gone with him. These people have a whole lot more to gain than the amateurs he is talking about.

They don't want to catch the dopers, and the system they use proves it since it seems to have been designed with the sole intention of NOT catching them. It's lacking in every single area possible, and is one of the weakest anti-doping systems used in pro sports today.

It is definitely willful ignorance at this point since the information is out there if one so chooses to find it. It just seems impossible to be this out of touch with the reality of peds in sports in this day and age. It is EVERYWHERE, whether these folks want to believe it or continue to live in ignorance is their decision.

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