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Originally Posted by yonexpurestorm View Post
that Novikov guy was on the court next to me and during changeovers i was able to catch some points. the guy had one of the biggest serves i had ever seen. this kid was trying to return the ball and was just whiffing completely. its crazy how solid these players are as you continue up the tennis food chain.
Just a few questions for you Yonex if you don't mind.
I have noticed that you mention a few of your opponent's serve to be very good and unbelievable.
How big is the difference between their serves and yours before you ventured on this journey when you were a 4.5? What level was your serve at during this your 4.5 level of play?
How much of a difference does exercise, fitness and diet actually matter?
Thanks in advance and I apologize if these questions have been answered before.
Good luck!
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