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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
Getting to a district playoff is a good indicator of top level play.
This is the only bit I disagree with.

Getting to a district playoff does not mean top level play. It means either top level play, mid level play, or low level play.

Players who are not at the top of their level frequently play in the post-season. Captains sometimes put people into line-ups for reasons other than strength. If some top players are injured or unavailable, the captain will use someone weaker. Another example is if the team is eliminated from contention, the captain will often put in weak players so they will share the experience of post-season play.

Look at it this way. Let's say I captain a team that made it to Districts. At Districts, I find myself short on singles players. Even though I am a poor singles player, I might have to get out there and play singles. I would likely get destroyed. It would be nuts to say that my post-season participation was a "good indicator of high-level play." I mean, wouldn't you have to know my scores?

I mean, if you were putting a new team together and the only thing you knew about that player was that they played a match at Districts, would you assume the player would be strong for her rating level? I wouldn't.
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