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Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post
Wow! You are really off the mark here. I was not telling how you feel..,

You are completely misinterpreting my ideas and my intent. From your over-reaction to my use of the word "bother", it appears that you clearly do not understand my use of the word. It was not meant as an attack or an affront to you. It was simply just another way of saying that you do not like the (hard) feel of Dunlop balls. I was serious when I wondered if English is your mother tongue because of the way you reacted to this word as well as your reaction/reply when I mentioned shock and vibrations. You appeared to took that as completely negative as well.

Not sure why you took offense. I was NOT telling you how you feel -- you had already told ME that. I was trying to inform you about the physical characteristics of the interaction with the (harder) ball that accounted for your dislike of the ball. I completely agree that Dunlop balls feel harder/stiffer than other brands. I was simply pointing out the underlying reason for this shared perception.

If you are satisfied with, "I don't like it just because I don't like it" then I guess I've been wasting my time trying to give some insight into the physical phenomenon that accounts for our perceptions of ball/string interactions. Let me warn you tho' -- you will not get far when writing college papers or when submitting reports for future jobs if you say, "it's that way, just because". You really need to figure out the WHY and how to express that WHY to others.
lol. well you took the time to go back and edit posts just for me. funny. and now you are saying stuff about warning me about writing papers and jobs? thanks mom! LOL you crack me up.
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