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Originally Posted by Gizo View Post
Even in non-official/invitational tournaments which were important back then, Lendl's body of work was probably better than Connors's in 1984 as well, with him winning the European Champions' Challenge in Antwerp for the second time plus a couple of other events.
In '84:

Lendl won 5 non-sanctioned events, including ECC and a win over McEnroe at Suntory Cup (6-4, 3-6, 6-2): Would be interesting to know how many times McEnroe lost in these types of events, we all know he had 3 official losses for the year.

Connors won 1 non-sanctioned event:

McEnroe won 2 non-sanctioned events, including AKAI:

Wilander's Wikipedia page has no section for non-sanctioned events.

So if all events are counted, Lendl leads Connors 8 to 6 in total tournament victories, 1 to 0 in Slam count and 3-2 in H2H.

Well it's 3-2 in the official H2H, I don't actually know whether Lendl and Connors met in the non-sanctioned events.
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