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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
Buying tennis racquets and trying new ones is all part of the fun especially considering it's one of the cheaper addictions.

Tennis is good for your fitness and it beats other sports like OP mentioned. It's a rather harmless addiction and one that rewards you with a lifetime of fun.
If you consider $100+ racquets a cheap addiction, I'd like to know what you consider expensive .

Racquets are an awful lot like cars. The second you drive a car off the lot, it loses 20% of its value. Same the moment you string and hit with a racquet for the first time. As I've discovered when I tried to re-sell my "demo" frames (which I usually bought in "slightly used" condition).

I agree that tennis itself is an expensive and harmless (indeed, beneficial) addiction. But continuously buying and trying new racquets? Neither cheap nor harmless (as my wonky strokes will attest).
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