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Originally Posted by jrepac View Post
?? no one had better opportunistic instincts than Connors....Wilander definitely had some similarities to Connors and had some Borg-like attributes as well. Connors was definitely older, and perhaps less patient, when he played Wilander in those events. Still, there were some good matches. That one in Key Biscayne was a dandy. The exos, were modified tournaments...Connors played like his life (or his wallet?) depended on it. Maybe Wilander not so much? having seen a couple of those (Beaver Creek and Suntory) it was clear Connors was playing well...I do recall Suntory being a fast indoor surface, which definitely favored Connors over Wilander; the 2nd set was a blitz. But Connors wirs could do that when he was on, particularly on faster surfaces.
Not one word of the above do I find fault. Connors was as shrewd and bold as they come with great instincts on when to attack. His advantage over Wilander as an opportunist, were those flat hard penetrating approach shots. I think Wilander was a bit better at the net.
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