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Default "If i can't play tennis I have no reason to live!"

Ah, such a great Seinfeld moment. But really, here's my question - were there ever really Bruline racquets? I have googled and searched multiple times and never found anything, so I'm guessing no.

And a more important question in my case with no relation to the one above - how do you get the white net tape gunk off a tennis frame? You know when you lend your racquet to someone and they don't really respect that it's your racquet and proceed to smack the top of the net tape whenever possible? I now have little white dashes all up and down the hoop (from the white-ish filth that builds up on the net tape from the outdoor elements) and can't get them off. I've tried Goo Gone, I believe I've tried soap and water, and I've even tried to scratch them off to no avail. Does anyone have a way to get this gunk off?
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