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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
think I understand what cheese is trying to say between sup vs pro. comparing the two SW and E fh hit with much topspin, in SW contact occurs in more supinated position of the hand than that of E grip by nature of the more rotated grip. IOW, when the racquet face angles are similar at contact, SW hand is slightly more supinated than E hand. going from straight arm to bent arm the hand supinates slightly which is why SW generally has more bent arm for the same reason. and the feel is different as well. that's why E fh people sometimes say push fh because it feels the contact happens more toward pronated hand position while SW is more associated with pull from supinated hand position. sorry a lot of ideas all together but hopefully makes sense.
that makes more sense. i asked because I'm assuming he knows that both types of fh's involve both supination and pronation during the stroke.
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