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Originally Posted by sonicare View Post
Name me one other player who would win the FO by grinding and then 2 weeks later win SW19 by serving and volleying. If that doesn't need talent, then what does?

The only players who you can't knock for not being able to do the above would be players post 2000 because grass was slowed down.

Laver and Budge come to mind immediately.

OK, looked it up.
So post 1947, when Jack Kramer brought in Serve and Volley as the predominant style to 2002 when Lleyton Hewitt won on the slow grass (Ivanisevic won on fast grass in 2001) - people who have won both:

Budge Paddy (often forgotten among the greats)
Tony Trabert
Lew Hoad
Rod Laver (twice)
Bjorn Borg (3x)

Emerson never did it even though he won two French and two Wimbledon.
Doing it 3 times is certainly a great achievement.

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