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I never quite liked the 80/20 fiberglass comp of the Kramer sticks... the older braided 80/20 kevlar was best. This is probably why you don't like the "pop" of the Kramer's - way flexier than the 6.0 for sure... Hit a long time ago w/6.0 that required precision like no other frame. Lots of hours rewarded you with a pristine game... never compared it to later 85s from China etc.. so can't give you a comparison....

I liked the Sting SC (not the SC2000, but the SC with no stabilizer bar), the ceramic felt very good in the frame.

Wilson reflex 85 is also a nice stick, a slimmer PS85 with a narrower throat - but at least 80% graphite in the comp... and the Wilson Graphite Force was a great stick (maybe 88sq in headsize?) that many have said copied, or followed, the Head Edge feel and style... Graphite Matrix / Pro matrix are also 85 sq PWS sticks, but too flexible, less control for me than even the Kramer's ( ... maybe the Graphite Matrix / Pro matrix were only 60% graphite? ) never liked them... I do have an Ultra 95 tapered beam, doesn't fit my game, and wish I had the 85...

As for the stars and stripes 85 that courier pushed (until he didn't like the stick and dropped it from the tour: if he ever played with it?). I prefer the S&S 85 over the S&S 95, but neither rocked my world... The only 95 I've ever felt somewhat comfortable with is the original 6.0 .

... Also hit with Hyper Carbon Pro Staff 90 "tour 90" that came in after the PS85 that was a very difficult sword to wield, and finally I recall one other frame fondly; N code 90 red and white, the older Fed frame ... that was a sweet ride...
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