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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
Some things that I can think of include drugs, gambling, and alcohol addiction which are destructive and cost way more than $100+ racquets. Even if you were to lose $20 or $30 bucks per racquet, it's still a drop in bucket compared to those vices. Cars also would be another thing that has a much steeper depreciation cost.
I second it. There are tangible and intangible costs. Addiction to drugs, gambling, alcohol has intangible cost which is unquantifiable damage to mental and physical health. Addiction to racquets, if translated to addiction to the sport, is conversely beneficial to addicts' health: Tennis helps players learn how to stay mentally focused and physically fit. As a result, I don't mind losing some tangible dollars to gain intangible health benefit.

In terms of cars, not only do they have much steeper decpreciation, they also entail insurance cost. I've so far never heard of required racquet insurance.
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