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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
Yeah mrmo, we do share the same taste in frame . I do play on testing the Speed, Blade, and Steam when they come out. Now that you mention it, the Speed is .2 longer which might make me hesitate a bit. I hope they put it back to 27 in as I don't do really well with extended length racquets.

I want to try out the Blade because they finally decided to put out a 16x19 string pattern which I really like and was not available in the BLX version. I had the Kblade Tour 93 and that was a beast but I hated the 18x20 string pattern and just wished they would offer a 16x19 version. The Kblade Tour is like a Pro Staff but in a lighter form.

I am currently trying to get my hands on a pro stock radical mp which has a 16x19 string pattern so I will add that to the mix as well.

I see, so no interest in testing the closed pattern Blade/Speed? For me, the PSTGT is the first frame I've ever played with that has had 16 mains! I've always been an 18x20 guy.. so I'll be testing the closed patterns for the Blade and Speed. I won't plan on playtesting the Steam.. the really freaky pattern is just going to keep me away I'm also not a person who plays with a lot of spin, more of a flat counterpuncher
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