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Originally Posted by kOaMaster View Post
It's just weird you're spreading information and arguments that are totally untrue. if anything, I'd expect you to know at least what you are talking about more or less. even in your correction you overlooked that federer lost 2000 in the final of basel against thomas enqvist (his second final overall, the first one he lost to rosset).
I made one mistake about Federer and Basel and you're blowing it up out of all proportion to make it sound as if everything I say has no basis in fact. I admitted I made a mistake and I don't think it would have hurt you to have been a bit more polite and gracious about it instead of coming across so rude and condescending. We all make mistakes and I'm willing to bet that you do too now and again. Nobody's perfect!

Originally Posted by kOaMaster View Post
my point is - to me, what you're saying sounds very vague and it makes me less believing in anything you write here.
I don't think you'll find much else I've said on here that has been wrong. But as I say we all make mistakes on occasion. Try and get over it.

Originally Posted by kOaMaster View Post
you don't need to return anything, I'm fine. I'm neither hostile to you. I just don't like people writing down "facts" in forums without thinking or checking it while using them as arguments.
Well, you certainly came across to me as very hostile and unpleasant. If you are at all interested in having a friendly dialogue with others on here, try and moderate your tone and be a bit more gracious. If you can't do that, then I think it best we just ignore each other's posts in future! Okay?
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