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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
American tennis is bad. I like sock, johnson,,etc but none of them have the star power and the magic of the past. We need a star player again. It will happen..just takes time.

Hit more with the steam 99. This is a pretty nice racquet if i slow my strokes down and dont hit as hard as i like to. In other words...officially out of the steam room.
Yep, agree about the magic. Nobody really has it right now. I thought - and still think, if he can somehow find a way to put it all together for more consistency - that Harrison might have something special, something to really rally behind, because I love his fire, guts and game. Really nice strokes and love the fact he comes up and volleys on occasion. But he's also bordering on being a bit punk-ish with some of his antics when things don't go right (Olympics was the worst). And he plays 'down' to bad players just as much as he sometimes plays 'up' to better players. In other words, there's potential in his game and fire, but he really needs to step up several levels in the mental and maturity department. Still pulling for him. Maybe in 2013 he can move forward.

Good hit tonight with MD. At least from the forehand wing. With the tgk I'm cracking the forehand so well right now, just crushing it when I want to, but on the backhand wing I'm totally lost, launching the ball a lot or fluffing it, unless I slice the ball, in which case the tgk is the nastiest slicing stick I've ever held. With my 7G, my drive backhand comes back, I can hit it again. Really struggling for some reason with the tgk on backhands specifically, but it's gotta be something mechanically I'm just not doing right. Or many things. Gonna try and take a lesson next week and focus on that wing, as it's been awhile since I've taken a lesson and the backhand just really needs work.
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