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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Ross , awesome vid. Agassi is just killing the That is how you hit a tennis ball. He gets such a nice drop on the ball as well, and you can see him vary it up from shallow to deep.

Absolutely love that blake agassi vid. Two of my favorites going at it. I went blake when i first started back in to tennis. Got a tfight and a dunlop 200 while trying to figure out what he was really using. Those dunlop 200s are beastly.

Just cant believe how hard those guys were hitting. Tennis is really getting ruined with these slow courts.
Glad you like it, PP. He's just something else, isn't he? Often cited is how he hits on the rise, but I always think he just hits the ball so cleanly. Haven't had the chance to watch the plethora of AA vids posted here lately but will try and do so later.

On something else, I'm looking forward (if the weather holds out) to experiencing 2 new strings in the next few days. Poly Pro Tour (in my J100) and Big Ace (in my black PD).

So... what are diary RH's ultimate thoughts on the Yonnie PPT and Big Supex BA?
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