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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
PP, RH's,

Glad you like it, PP. He's just something else, isn't he? Often cited is how he hits on the rise, but I always think he just hits the ball so cleanly. Haven't had the chance to watch the plethora of AA vids posted here lately but will try and do so later.

On something else, I'm looking forward (if the weather holds out) to experiencing 2 new strings in the next few days. Poly Pro Tour (in my J100) and Big Ace (in my black PD).

So... what are diary RH's ultimate thoughts on the Yonnie PPT and Big Supex BA?
Yonex string didn't really care for, but if you string it low tension you might be much better off. I think I strung it too high. Just felt kind of dead and plastic-like. Didn't hold a candle to TB. But again, at low tension, maybe it's a different string.

Never tried Big Ace.
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