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EDIT: What would i be able to do to remove this part? Its getting in the way with my "Homemade" side supports and the plastic piece when stringing like an APD


I think you are referring to the flat plastic plate on the end of the side support arm. It serves no purpose once you have V block side supports as the racquet is held between the 2 sides of the V now.
This plate is help on with two aluminium pop rivets. They remove quite easily if you use a drill a bit wider than the inside dia of the rivet. Just drill down lightly keeping an eye on things and as you proceed the top-hat of the rivet will just fall off. You then just use a round punch or tool to gently tap the remained of the rivet down and out. Just take it easy when you do it and will be no problem. Stick a block of wood under each arm to take the weight while you are drilling.
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