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Originally Posted by fuzz nation View Post
If you've also had a go with the old 6.1 Classics, then you're probably aware that the 6.0 95 is a rather different animal. The 6.1 95 line still has some heft and stiffness, which makes for a hotter response and potentially harsher ride than something like the more narrow-beam 6.0 95. I loved my 6.1 Classics for playing serve and volley singles and doubles, but I've gone in a softer direction, too.

While they're not for everyone, I think Volkl's "10 series" options are worth a look. I play the C10's going on a few years now and these have been supremely comfortable racquets for me, even strung with a snug bed of 16 ga. syn. gut. The hoop flex in the C10 makes it a bit peculiar, but not in a bad way - I'm convinced that this feature contributes to their "arm-friendliness". The Organix 10 is apparently a somewhat more "crisp" update of Volkl's heavier 10 line of frames, but it doesn't sound as though they're especially rigid or uncomfortable.

The Redondo mp and Black Ace from ProKennex are softer players that may compare well to the 6.0 95. I've also heard good things about some of the new Donnay racquets. They offer some narrow beams and more old-school personality that could be along the lines of what you're looking for.
As i've said, I will look at the Volkl's, the fact that so many of you guys out there are recommending them makes me really want to try one, NOW. The only way I can describe my old 6.0 95's was that everytime I hit the ball, whatever the shot, it felt like the strings grabbed hold of the ball and really spat it back across the other side of the net. Now that may be the strings doing a lot of the work, I use Luxilon Big Banger strung fairly low 55lbs I think it was, but using the same strings at the same tension in different frames, I'm still to find that same raw cannibalism on my shots.
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