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I just received my Blade 98 (16x19) unstrung it weighed 10.7 ounces; strung 11.2 (just like TW says); and changing the grip to a pro hybrid it is 11.4 before the over grip. So my racket was spot on. It is an L5 (4 5/ and only complaint was the grip shipped with the racket was soft and mushy. I like either leather or the older Pro Hybrid grips (more feedback).

I string 1 piece and with most Blade frames the mains end at the bottom of the racket and you string the crosses from bottom to top. With the new Blade the mains ends at the top and crosses go down the racket. Not bad to string, but a little different than the BLX 98 (18x20) and the 95 series.

So far the racket swings nice, have a match today. I have been using the Blade 98 (18x20) series for a couple of years, and find them easy on the joints with good power and control.

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