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Originally Posted by samoah24 View Post
Today i have tested the new Instinct MP and the new Speed MP 18x20 (4h match play).

At first i had played with the Speed MP 18x20, the Pro version was not there.
For me the Speed MP was very comfortably, very arm friendly. Was solid on the forehand and slice. At the backhand i miss some power, massive spin but low powered racquet. Not my playstyle but a good racquet for people who have a short fast swing with a lot of spin.

Then the men from Head gave me the Instinct MP. Thought it were not the racquet for me (I'm a prestige guy) but i was impressed I had so mouch power without doing so much with my body. Plays very solid and digs into the ball which gives a good topspin. Played it 2h and i think this is my new racquet, love it. I don't take pictures cause the models where all black with stickers not the final paintjob so nothing special.

So, I hope it helps you guys
Actually, the pro is 18x20. The mp you tested is 16x19.
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