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i don't think that the F3.0 feels "tinny" but I can understand that impression if this frame is strung tight and it certainly does not have the feel of a box beam, but that is by design. The new frame geometry and "true oval" head shape is meant to create a "modern" racket where the ball comes off the strings fast and shots are more powerful. Feel is intentionally compromised that is why there will be a classic series as well.

I agree that there is good power for a lighter players frame. Add a little lead along the upper hoop and it is even better.

Interesting comment on X-1 Biphase. I like that string also but did not like it in my Bio 300T as it was too lively compared to the lower powered Isospeed strings that I am used to. It may be something to try again in the F3.0 Tour.

The grip is similar to the Bio range but they inproved on the tackiness and it is not as tacky and more comfortable. Also, the grip is at least an inch longer now for those with a 2 handed bh. The butt cap size seams the same to me.
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