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Originally Posted by RoddickistheMan View Post
This is my racquet of choice. I get no pain to wrist. I did get some pain at first but it was from getting used to smaller sweetspot etc but now its gone. It could be your technique and the overall specs of the racquets (maybe too light who knows) not the amplifeel. I think a sample size of 2 people with pain isnt enough to justify "amplishock" Its a great racquet guys!
It didn't bother me at first and never during actual play. It was always after a hitting session and usually at night or the following morning.

Injuries or damage Due to tool vibration don't always show up instantly. For example, long term use of power tools at certain frequencies is now known to cause long term damage with the severity varying by person. Some experience the damage sooner than others.

This is why tool companies try to REDUCE tool vibrations instead of increasing them. It's all well understood physics and medicine, nothing fancy here. Just science. Increase shock/vibrations and you get more damage/injuries. And since people are different the rate and severity of damage varies by person.

And whether or not it's a great racquet has NOTHING to do with its intended function of transmitting MORE shock/vibration to the hand. It's very precise and has great spin potential. The only downside is that it's designed by Wilson to deliberately transmit more of the impact vibrations to the hand which might cause damage in some cases.

Saying that calling it "ampli shock" is unjustified ignore the fact that Wilson designed the frame to amplify the transmission of vibration/shock/impact on purpose.
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