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Senior myself - congratulate your friend for keeping it up in style. I, too, avoid the polys after the warning signs flashed with my shoulder.
I'd like to know his frame choice, size and pattern. For me, my old school, neutral grip game loves heavier, smaller, and densely strung frames. Many of us like more lively strings with smaller frames - good flat power and spin variety and flatter first serves. Remember an old article in Tennis Mag in the 80s - the more neutral gripped pros liked stiffer graphite (not nearly as stiff as today), lead tape, and loose gut. Pretty true then and now...
If he is of this school - the new guts play much stiffer it seems that prior guts - try a new generation power multi - Mantis Comfort or Weis cannon or others. I even like a cheap hybrid of Head Fibergel Mains and Gamma SG crosses ( a $5 string job). String tensions are at middle range.
Joints are fine now and power is easy to dial up and control. Congrats to him and you - that's my 2 cents...
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