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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Could they have targeted weaker, slower, swinging players?
Yes, without a doubt. BUT I know some higher level players can use this racquet, it just matters the swing type. For me, the extra work required with an 18x20 pattern actually computes to a routine stroke. With the 99s, I have to hold back so much in comparison. Now and then I would let it rip and get a nice sharp drop on the ball, but the trajectory is higher and my friend could still get to it (kick off the bounce doesn't bug him - he grew up seeing that) - so the only advantage is if you play 3.5-4.0 max and just want to screw with people's timing. Anyone who is really solid at tennis knows how to chop down topspin balls and redirect that pace so I dont get why people are so obsessed with high bouncers.

Gads, on the backhand - you think it is your footwork? The videoing is really accelerating my improvement. I can see every little stupid thing I need to fix so much clearer in my head when I hit now. I hit a really flat backhand and while I can drive it DTL hard with my Blade, even with the Steam, I was able to hit decent backhands. What I am getting to is that I think you are making the right choice to get a lesson. Lessons >>>>>> new racquets. I will probably do the same thing so I can revisit my serve and backhand and footwork. I have an amazing Open player at my disposal that is the same size as me and has beaten the likes of TonLars in $$$ tournies so I need to work with him more. Anyway, after you do that lesson, use the bungee cord/iphone trick to film your strokes and see what you think, regardless if you post or not. I'd personally love to see you and Mad Dog ripping it up off the PCH.

Ross - PTP is a nice string. I liked it, but I didnt love it. I am all about the boardy feel of the 4G/syn gut. My favorite setup was Flouro/Stamina at a high tension..hoping tour Bite can give me some of that magic with a stamina cross, but I do love syn gut crosses. I think it is just the feel I grew up with - solid racquets with tight syn gut = a super nice sweet spot when you crush one.

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