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Originally Posted by Stringers View Post
Extended Length either 27.25 or 27.5
320-330 g. 11.4-11.7 Oz.
310 mm 10 Pts. HL
C Handle Shape
4 3/8 Grip
Red BG
Red Grip

Just curious to opinions? Decent Stick? Or uncontrollable mess? haha

Oh and looking for a swing weight in the 320-330 range.
I think with the extended length you'll get a bigger SW than your desired number.
I think standard length is around 330 as a rule...and half an inch in length adds quite a bit to the SW number. You could ask them to hand pick something for you though...with the original manufacturing tolerances you might get lucky.
Vantage 95, 63 flex : 337 g, 32.8 cm, 341 SW, Gosen Polylon Polyquest 1.24 mm @ 22/21 kg.

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