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Originally Posted by jason586 View Post
Yes, I agree I need to do something different which is why I am looking for a solution and was hoping for an answer other than "restring your racquet every few days (10-15 hours)". At the beginning strings probably did not matter quite as much for me, but the difference in fresh strings and dead poly continues to make a bigger and bigger difference as my skills improve and playing more difficult opponents.
you are looking for a "solution" where there is no problem. having to restring every 10 to 15 hours is completely normal and expected when you play with high performance strings. You aren't going to get the performance that you need to play at your level with strings that will last literally dozens of hours before they die.

Your best solution is to do what all the pros do: have multiple racquets. I have 3 of the same racquet with the same strings and same tensions, and in the height of tennis season I'm only playing 10 hours per week.

In your case, I recommend 6 identical racquets with the same strings and tensions. You can probably get away with only re-stringing once per week, and you always have fresh strings.

Honestly, I have friends who are 5.0s that compete nationally. They are sponsored by major tennis brands and get free racquets every year. They restring their racquets every single day. they buy reels and reels of string. They play as much or more than you.

All I can say, is you're living the life of a semi-professional tennis player and this is how it is. It can be tedious, but be thankful you have this opportunity and that you're healthy and without injuries (I hope).

good luck
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