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Default update

Here is a quick update to my review of the new ProKennex Ki Q 15 (300g):

I checked the data of the racquet on the TW learning center / racquet university home page:

So far TW has only tested the lighter 9.9 oz / 280 gram (unstrung) version of the ProKennex Ki Q 15. However, the numbers you get if you search for the racquet (biefly called “ProKennex Q15” on TW) are very impressive. The frame has one of the largest sweetspots and a truly remarkable power level. Imagine that this will even further increase by a notable degree if the 10.6 oz / 300 g model was tested. And guess what happens if you put some lead on that one.

I made a comparison on TW University between the ProKennex Q15 and one of the presumably most powerful racquets on the market, the notorious and ubiquitous Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT Plus (2012). Guess what? The ProKennex has an even bigger sweet spot, and is only close behind the PDR+ in terms of power. That surprised me, given that the PDR+ is by far the heavier frame - there is a weight difference of 1.23 oz. / 35 grams between the two sticks! I assume that the heavier 300 g version of Pro Kennex Ki Q15 will come very close to the Babolat powerwise, or even surpass it if you costumize it to the 11.11 oz. / 315 gram (unstrung) weight level of the PD Roddick version.

These are the results of the comparison on TWU:

1.: “Compare Racquet Power Levels”

2.: “Power and Sweet Zone Tool”

3.: “Power Zone Comparison”

=> If these links don’t work, just compare the frames yourself on TWU.
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