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The Turntable on the 602FC has a pin that fits into a bushing located in the machine base. The Turntable pin slides into the bushing and the set screw is adjusted to hold it in place. The turntable bushing is adjusted at the factory for optimum performance. After time and use, the turntable bushing may need adjusted. An adjustment is indicated when noticeable turntable looseness or wobble occurs while stringing.

To adjust the fit between the turntable pin and the bushings, tighten the set screw at the top of the bushing using a 3mm hex wrench. Tighten until the turntable rotates smoothly without excessive free play.

As Irvin mentioned, in certain instances there may be more than one model as machines evolve over time. In this instance that's what happened….…thanks for the post pointing out that the manual you have still referenced the two set screws. There is only one. I already updated the new manuals with that change.
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