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Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post
Same racket with a different decal (as with the Pro Tour 280 and 630 MP. ) Head used the Trisys marketing scheme in the USA but not in Europe.

Hard to compare a MP to an OS; two different animals. But, the 280 OS should be less stiff the that 260 Radical OS as the Trisys numbering system (150 through 300) reflected power level/flex.

The Pro Tour OS was only made for a few years as it was not a big seller (the Agassi Rad OS 260 was Head's primary OS racket.)
Thanks, FF - so do you believe the 280OS is close enough to the Agassi stick so as to preclude the need to purchase the 260OS "just to try out"? Also, am I totally off base in terms of the anticipated "easier" access to spin due to the wider string-bed (280OS vs. 280MP)?
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