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Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post
You can pick up a used Rad fairly cheaply. You will find it a bit firmer, maybe a few points. Not a huge difference. It just depends on what you like. I like flex myself but not beyond a certain point.

With regard to spin, the PT280/630 MP was never intended to be a spin machine. It has a dense pattern, 18x20. (The OS is 18x19). However, depending on your strokes, your string, etc., you can certainly get very good spin if desired. Muster and Kuerten weren't exactly lacking spin.
That's what I'm experiencing with the PT280MP at least. Have a post going on in the "modern" racquet section, but finding that the PT280MP is just creating this massively heavy ball with tons of top-spin when coupled with a full-western WW stroke, and Black Widows/BHP7s. While I'm obviously not able to measure RPMs by eye, the end product - as compared to a APDGT - is heavier ball that breaks lower and faster after the first bounce. Hopefully the OS further emphasizes these qualities.
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