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................Couple of years ago he was only in the top couple of hundred in California. He's still a long way off from the top, but he's got two years to be at the top of the juniors and possibly a couple years after that before he completely fills into his body. Maybe he'll top out soon like TCF says, but I don't see anything yet to show that. Right now, the road is still going upward.
If you are still playing juniors at almost 19 years old you are no where near the top of them.

Consistency is key to success which we have not seen by any measure. How about a single tournament win in the last several years. How many have there been in the last 24 months? Any? Each section has kids that win a single good match or two and ride the "legend status" from that right into mediocrity. A match here or there means nothing, play enough and any decent player has those. The ones winning event after event are the ones to watch.
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