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Repeat foot-faulters are morons. The worst of the worst. I'm actually quite embarrassed for them. LEARN THE EFFING RULES OF TENNIS. When I played basketball and had a free-throw, did I stand on the free-throw line? When I played baseball, did I pitch from three feet in front of the mound? Absolutely horrible. I can understand if you are just learning how to play tennis and are a 2.0 hack playing with the balls you use to play fetch with Skippy, but once you start playing USTA matches, club tournaments, or even competitive matches with your friends, lean the EFFING rules of the game.

So I tell someone they're foot-faulting. Okay. Cool. We're good. Now if you can't correct stepping a foot into the court, move back one and half feet and start your service motion. Several pros can do it. It's good enough for David Ferrer. But no. You just keep doing the same thing. Or morons that step over the center hash. It's all just embarrassing and quite shameful. I just ignore it now and realize I'm playing with a hack that is clueless and the outcome of this match means nothing; at least I'm getting some good cardio in if they can keep the ball in play.
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