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Glad to hear things are still going in the right direction. I am at about 1.5 years since my SAD and SLAP repair and I am now as strong as before the shoulder problems. While I was playing within a few months like you have been, it did take more like a year to start serving with much penetration and only in the last 2 of months have I been able to serve with similar aggression to before the surgery with confidence and able to do similar the next day. For the first year after surgery I was cautious about playing more than once or at most twice a week although I do tend to play al year round given the number of indoor and bubble courts I have available on my doorstep and that does not give an off season break. Taking a break is definitely a positive thing in my personal experience as a couple of times the soreness built up and I just stopped for a couple of weeks and it was much better. I have to say though that any soreness I had was pretty minor relative to the original injury and although I did have some worries like you, the problem was soreness rather than real pain.

Having said all that my first serve was apalling last night, but that was nothing to do with my shoulder
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