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Originally Posted by 123ten View Post
I had a few 1st generation grommetless and some 4th generation 4 stripe OS POGs and regarding the tension stated, the rationale I gathered was that they were stated in the 70 lb range due to the relatively large head size (107") of these POGs compared to the mid size racquets (60-70") of that time and the strings used at that time (mostly natural).

One of my 4 stripe OS POG was strung with synthetic gut at 70lbs and it felt great. Having said that, I had strung another at 58lbs with some multi-filament and it also felt ok. Just to see how it would feel, I strung another at 48lbs with natural gut and it wasn't that good. Some of the others were strung at 64lbs and they were good. So to answer your question, if you are especially using poly strings, you don't have to go to the 70lb range.

Thanks for the input! I normally do Kevlar/syn gut hybrids or full poly jobs. I like kevlar at 63lbs in my TT Radical Tours, and even though I've never had arm pain from it, I just don't know if 70lbs is too high for kevlar. I'll prob string it at 70lbs for at least one run, but if it hurts or doesn't play well, I'll drop it to 63lbs
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