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... have never hit with the ROK... that with hyper carbon in the make up? like 10% I think... I tried the 5.0 95 hyper carbon, but it lacked feel to me... pinged like a tweener... not sure about the hyper carbon vibe, maybe others can comment?

I really have an affinity for the older 80s sticks in general because of the different feel of the graphite... newer, stronger yet lighter materials are too responsive for me - but I like wielding a heavy stick balanced out w/ lead to match my swing.

BTW .. there was one other Wilson 95 that I forgot to mention in the Wilson 85s tradition that I played w/ for a number of years - the pro staff 6.1 95 80% graphite/ 20% kevlar stick - even reminiscing now I love the "feel" of it in my memory... you can pick up that racquet and always be comfortable on the court once you familiarize yourself with its capabilities.... It still fetches a petty penny on the big site, and rightly so.
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