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Originally Posted by Bash and Crash View Post
Got it, I would think it would pretty much be highest level juniors, and Futures from here on out. It's really interesting to see what a journeyman or lower ranked pro can do to a top flight junior. At the Tiburon challenger qualies, Mc Donald, Altamirano, no match.
Mackie lost to Greg Jones atp 373 in both Tib and Sac challengers quals, Sac was 4-6 in 3rd. He's also has two futures wins in doubs. He's 0 for 8 reaching main draw in futures quallies. He's showing promise at 17, getting great experience and will be getting ranking points soon.

Alta lost to Thatcher in Tib, was deep in almost every game, but inexperience won out. Also Thatcher (23) is on the upswing regularly winning rounds in futures lately. Alta is 16, 17 in a few days, and is 2 for 4 reaching reaching main draw in futures quallies. Very few guys without atp points are going to beat him these days. Also showing promise and will be getting ranked soon.