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^^^ I honestly don't know who you're talking about with regards to those statements. Tornado and B5E are in my top 5 best ever (along with Scorpion, Iontec and PH18 ) polys, and I don't like boardy string. Tornado is also tension specific. High tension yields a piece of cedar, low 50s to high 40s yields the most responsive poly I've used. B5E is far less so, and far more neutral. It does everything well, however. Silverstring, on the other hand, feels nothing like either albeit closer to B5E. It has an incredibly unique feeling, and is one of those like ALU and certain multis that has this innate "premium" feeling. I can't describe it. That sense of "this isn't on the market to make money, this was designed to be as good as it can be". Not many, no...MOST polys don't come close to that. Iontec is another with that feeling. This is all personal and subjective bantering however. As most of you know, however, Silverstring and B5E were my go-to poly of choice for quite some time.
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