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This reminds me of badminton . I play A LOT of badminton (state and out of state tournaments) and I just started getting into tennis recently.

In the old days they used to teach wrist snap but probably because the racquets back then were not as stable/stiff. Today they teach pronation (i'm talking overhead smashes here) to get the power because the racquet is much more stable and stiff. It adds LOADS more power to the shot.

Fu Haifeng hits about +300 kph smashes consistently during matches. It's interesting to watch just because the mechanics of a serve and smash are pretty similar. That and the sound of him hitting the shuttle is pretty wicked.

I have only been playing constantly for about 5 months now and for some odd reason my best shots are serves, followed by overhead smashes, and then my one handed BH. I have crap for a forehand.
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