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Originally Posted by Chemist View Post
My son turned 16 a month ago. He is a junior attending a public school. In the last 12 months, he played a total of 20 junior tournaments including 10 regionals and nationals (6 of them during summer break) and 4 men's opens. He missed a total of 7 school days, 4 of them for Eater Bowl. He trains at least 2 hrs every day plus 1-2 hrs commuting to clinics and back home. Luckily he is able to also keep up with his school work. He has a 4.4/4.0 weighted GPA and is ranked top 10% in his class. For him, tennis is helpful to his academics since it makes him healthier (he only missed one day of school due to stomach flu), more focused in his study and more efficient in time uses.

But I fully agree with you that it's important to minimize the missed school days. We would wish that our spring break coincides with Easter Bawl! It makes more sense that a national event runs Saturday to Monday, as most kids would be home Sunday night.

I also agree with many parents that it's not a good idea to reduce the draw size of national events. My son was always more motivated to train harder after the national events, especially after a tough loss. He played his first national open when he was 12. He won one match only. However, it's that tournament that gave him confidence and the desire to improve his game.

BTW, my son always takes his backpack with him when we are out of town for tournament during the school year. He usually could squeeze in an hour here and there for his school work. So, just treat these days as home schooling. We also took a couple of hours visiting the college - my son's school won't consider it a missed school day.

Good luck to your daughter!
Sounds like you got a great kid!!! Congrats on all your success!!!!
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