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Originally Posted by CCH4TENNIS View Post
Received the C10Pro 2012 the day before yesterday via UPS. Looks beautiful and feels great in my hands but impatiently waiting for my order for Black Widow 18g. Plan to string it at 60lbs using 'round the world ' method.

Weighed the unstrung stick at 317g using a digital weighing machine but the specs stated was 330g (11.6oz). Hmm... I wonder what has happened to the 13g difference.

The stated balance unstrung was stated at 31cm but my balance board showed it as 31.25cm.

Do you guys have any similar readings ?

Thank you.
i´ve just received and weighted my C10´s. All with stock grip and strung with Wilson Extreme Syn Gut.
Racquet #1: 344grs
Racquet #2: 344grs
Racquet #3: 349grs
Volkl C10 Pro
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