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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
Fed owned Safin (record is like 10 - 2) and Federer in was even better in 2006 2005 he was still only just starting to dominate. Roger in 2006 onwards wouldn't have lost that 5th set.

As for Pete of course he was on The down 2000 he wasn't dominating (he was older by close to 10yrs over Marat) and he knew he was towards the end of his time and everything he was doing was geared to getting those last few slams. Also Pete at Wimby was special.....but by 2000 the writing was on the wall.

LOL. In 2005 Federer was at his peak. Just starting to dominate?? You missed the 2004 season.

And you say that after 2006 he wouldn't have lost that set?? Federer was much better in 2005 than after 2006. He only lost 3 matches apart from the Safin match.

And Sampras wasn's washed up. He had a great run to the final (defeating Hewitt in the SF).
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