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Originally Posted by sansaephanh View Post
I currently have a borrowed gamma x-2.

I feel that it's slow, clunky, and unstable.

I've read threads on everything between entry level drop weights to super 1500$ electronic machines. After doing so, I've come to a very simple conclusion. I'm looking for a nice, preferably used stringer for about 500$.

Someone is offering an Alpha Revo 4k for 500$, but I feel as if I can find a better deal if I look around.I'd prefer a automatic dropweight, but i doubt i can find one in my price range.

What would be some recommended models that you've seen used for fairly cheap.
It takes me an easy 25 min to string consistently on an X2 but I've been stringing on it for 10 years. consistency and speed shouldn't be a problem after a couple string jobs. You'll have the same problem on any machine as a newby.
It'll probably take you 1 1/2 hrs on your first job and down to 35 min after 10-12 jobs. You may save 5 min on a much better machine. Is that worth it?
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