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So to follow up with my new racquet and 1st experience with gut...

I've been battling with TE again. I think the poly playtests may have done me in. I had a great time with the 4G test and was playing it side by side with left over 361 (Beast XP) and didn't feel but the slightest discomfort towards the end of it's playability.

Next string test was the Super Smash and Black Magic. The temps had dropped as SoCal Fall/Winter was creeping in. I normally play at 0700 and it's still pretty chilly then. Mid-way through the playability of those strings I started to feel some mild discomfort and was going to switch it up with a hybrid or a full bed of multi.

I've been playing in a round robin doubles tourney and didn't want to switch to a different model racquet w syn/multi in it. By the time I got the hybrid of Tour Bite / NXT Tour at 52# (sweet spot is huge), the TE had come back after 2 years. I also got another London at that time with gut at 60# (not so big of a sweet spot but very scaple like) and hit with it in stock form. I had such a great time with it and appreciated the nearly 1 ounce lighter set up but missed the bevels of leather.

I've continued to hit with the stock/gut set up but as of late I need at least a good set or 30 minutes to get warmed up. Today was pretty bad. 2nd set I had discomfort serving and on the fore hand.

I was hoping that the week off I took with the rain would have helped...maybe it's time to stay away for much longer. No discomfort holding a cup of coffee or doing dishes...but I have some while trying to pull my shirt over my head.

Anyways...I wonder if swinging such a light racquet now has also contributed to the pain (as well as the colder temps in the early morning). I know that I need to take some time off especially since I've increased my court time to roughly x5 days a week for the past 2 months.
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