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1) In my kitchen I have a yellow Theraband tied to a railing. I do external shoulder rotations for conditioning my shoulder. It could as well be tied somewhere else, like a door, and used while at the computer. You would have to rotated the chair 180 d., stand, or have two bands to get both shoulders.

2) I also have a heavy hammer and do slow controlled pronations and supinations to strengthen my wrist while watching TV.

3) Dumbell wrist curls both for wrist flexion and extension.

4) I have also used a heavy duty spring gripper as I have always preferred the range of motion over that of a ball.

5) Posture. The most important thing to do I believe is to study posture and realize that years at the computer will give your posture some features that you don't want and may increase your risk of injuries, especially collapsed abs (literally the famous nerd look) and a forward head. Have a chair that allows better posture. I also think that it is better to have a higher screen so that you are not always looking down (I say this as I'm looking down at my laptop's keyboard to hunt & pec this....and laptop screens are too low by design......)

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