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Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
So there I was flicking through tennis videos on youtube a couple of days ago (like a typical addict) and ended up watching the Mc vs the Borg at 1980 US Open - a match I would usually get bored of after 3 minutes. This time however I viewed the whole thing with interest. Then I went through Fed-Bellucci at IW this year - which was pretty boring until mid 3rd set. Once again, it felt like a great match when I rewatched it recently.

I guess when the season is in full flight one doesn't cherish the matches as much cause they occur so often.
just noticed you watched the final not the semi..soz; i was looking at that recently mcenroe really lost the plot..and the 3rd set 0-6.

He called the umpire 'mr incompetent' then two blokes come out..referee and ???, and mcenroe asks to have the umpire removed unbelievable scenes..

then connors had a rather un-jimmy finish by losing the 5th set tb 7-1..i got caught up in the fun and was actually thinking..oh wow who's gonna win the tb ?, till i snapped back to reality and remembered who won the title that year..still i didnt know the tb score , so 7-1 was a surprise.

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