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My racquet mods started w a leather grip and then added sapras (0.5 oz each i think) power strips at 3/9. I then added the same strips to 5/7 and I think the weight is close to 13 oz now and has brought the balance back close to stock (BB London) I've been using this set up for almost 2 years but think it's time to cut down the weight.

I would still like to use leather and am wondering how to cut down the amount of lead in the hoop while bringing the balance back to stock. Maybe a 0.5 oz at 10 and 2? I take it the sweet spot might move up which I wouldn't mind. What type of playing characteristics could I expect from that change and are there any other suggestions? I also play on trying the Gamma lead tape and have noticed it is thinner than the Tourna Sampras strips.
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