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we are in Pelican Bay and have a private beach and tennis courts there... sometimes it is a little "too secluded" but i admit it is peaceful and relaxing. now with a child it will be more speed... instead of the last 10 years of me climbing the walls trying to find something to do while j-woww goes to sleep at 10pm. now ill probably be the one passing out after chasing kid around all day. oy.

Naples Bath and Tennis.. that is where i take lessons. although the place turned into a ghost town last time i was there.
do you know Curly Davis? he was my instructor and is a fantastic coach. last time i went though i was too out of shape to get much out of his drills. of course it used to be 4 people in group lessons but then i just did private lessons so there is no time to rest. but i am very fat and out of shape too.
he used to be at B&T but i think had to move. not sure where he is but you can contact him through:

p.s. - u gotta go to Panevino's restaurant in pelican bay if you've never been. gotta make reservations during busy winter season but its worth it!
bruschetta, osso bucco, spaghetti carbonara, veal francese, lobster ravioli..etc. just looked it up and there are some nasty reviews, but our 93y/o grandma has been going there for 30 years and we always find the wait staff to be extremely nice... although they do seem to rush around a lot.
anyway, we always go there.
we also go to Bistro 821 on 5th Ave and like that food too.

so plz pass along the best of naples from ur perspective too!

sweet tennis courts down there, eh??? freakin tennis paradise but rarely do i find anybody to hit with. it is like torture sitting on immaculate clay courts watching 80+ mixed dubs. i scoff at those annoying 80y/o guys as they leave the courts with there 45y/o wives as they get into their SL550 roadster and cruise to the country club for brunch and then a brisk walk to the cafe for an espresso and maybe a light swim or 9holes of golf before getting in the hot tub and then dinner at favorite restaurant with scallops and sweet breads and a $250 bottle of wine before heading to the opera house for Tosca.
these farkerz have crappy lives
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