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Just received my TC95.

Went for 27", 16x19, 63RA, 320g, 305mm (12pts),Size 3 - grip shape B

Not hand chance to play with it yet - icy with rain at the moment, so even us Scots are off the courts, but thought I'd post some initial observations.

Specs came in pretty well spot on. Now that it's strung and with a dampener, it's 345g and 9pts HL - which is what I was aiming for. From my previous posts earlier in this thread you'll see I currently play with a Bio 200 Tour (16x1 and a 4D 200 (18x20). My 4D 200 comes in at 350g and 8 pts HL, the Bio is 367g and 9 pts HL. I like the Bio - its punch, spin potential, quickness through the air etc, but would prefer it to be more like the 4D 200 in weight, so this is my attempt to find that kind of spec.

The Angell looks great and feels just right in the hand.

I've included some pics comparing it visually to the Bio 200 Tour. You'll see that it's very similar (even the lettering etc). The only two noticeable differences are the grip and head shape. The grip is fractionally squarer than the Dunlops and feels a bit larger (all size 3), so I may forego the overgrip I normally add. The Angell head is a bit wider (less oval) than the Dunlops - which I'm happy about prefer . Interestingly one of Dunlop's comments on the new F series is that they've made the heads less oval than the Bio series.

Pics of the Angell TC95 compared to the Dunlop Bio 200 Tour

Angell TC95 vs Bio 200T - Side by Side

Angell TC95 vs Bio 200T - Profile

Angell TC95 vs Bio 200T - Graphics

Angelll TC95 vs Bio 200T - Butt Caps

I'll post a follow up once the rain has let up and I've had a chance to play

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