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Originally Posted by donnayblack99 View Post
Just ordered mine today! Should be getting 3 "Darth Vaders" in the mail next week. All strung with Big Hitter Black 17g @ 53 lbs.

This stick will be the new PS 85. It has immense plow thru, power, yet plush on the arm like a VOLK PB 10or Becker DC London Tour. An instant classic. I hear from my Wilson contact that this will be Pete's new stick. He was playing with a Babolat PST 95 but wanted more weight... Wilson supposedly changed their BLX design with him in mind. Pete played in Philly last month and was using a blacked out 93 sq inch, tight patterned, Blade-look a like stick.

I'm looking for pics to back this claim up...
Pics would be nice. Can't find any.

Pete was/is playing with a blacked out PureStorm, with a head size, a 16x20 pattern and weighted exactly like his old ps85s, balanced even as well. The PstLtd is indeed a 95, 18x20, but it's not the frame Pete was/is rockin'.

Just can't see Pete switchin' to an 18x20 pattern at this point. The Blade98, 16x19, maybe.
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